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had imagined that the eyes to cook food grown in our homes? It's not as easy as it seems. Many agricultural machinery and equipment is involved in the entire process. The machinery and equipment may be different from the process and the environment, which are used for crop cultivation. Industrial Revolution saw the development of most of this variety of agricultural machinery. humans decades ago using traditional manual methods management before these machines are found.

Let's take a brief look at the different machines that are used in the farming process:


This forms the basis of every production process. Seeds are spread on the ground drills.


Different methods of compliance with the watering. Pumps, pipes and sprayers are generally used for irrigation. Sprinkler pumps are also available for irrigation purposes. When the culture is performed in small lands generally used for watering.


The greatest of all farm machinery are the tractors. They are usually a drag heavy objects or drawings, as well as towing. The main purpose of the tractors in the landscaping. In general, the type of land used compact tractors purpose. Smaller types of tractors, garden tractors as used for the purpose of fertilization, and cutting and cutting the grass.

Seed Drill

Tractors usually pulls them Drills. The purpose of a drill to plant vegetable seeds and food grains. The drills to dig the holes for drilling the seeds and soil covering them. Initially, the seeds are thrown by hand, and many of them will never let you in on the plants. But the drill core has to provide all plants.


combine the old days were surrounded by horses. But these days coupled with a tractor. Cleaning, picking and harvesting of the main functions of a combine harvester. It is also used for separation.

chisel plowing image

This is a different kind of agriculture that is used to prepare the soil for cultivation purposes. It is also used on the surface of soil and mixing the residual function of the fertilizer plants.

Row planter-

This is the equipment used to spread seeds in rows. A tractor pulling through the fields, and in the process get the seeds embedded in the soil.


spray is used regularly sprayed with fertilizers, pesticides to crops or any other kind of malware. Tractor sprayers are available that may be able to distribute the liquid in the sprayer at a very high speed.

If you are planning to adopt agricultural production, serious professionals will design a business scenario that involves each and every farm over. The business can cover everything from crops to sell agricultural machinery and equipment. Opt for a store where one part of a farm bird and animal feed supply and agriculture to another to another.

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