Top Garden Wedding Venues Quezon City

Garden weddings are a popular wedding themes these days. No matter if the wedding is a destination wedding or somewhere more local; A wide range of garden wedding venues that are sprouting like mushrooms everywhere, every engaged couple have their wedding garden anywhere and anytime.

Among the places that have lots of outdoor wedding venues in Quezon City. Several outdoor venues to choose from in this city, and catering services are also based in Quezon City, it's easy to find one that is very familiar and close to the venue. Below are just a few of the most popular garden wedding venues in Quezon City.

  • Fernwood Gardens. This place is very popular wedding venue and is likely to set the standards for many outdoor locations. The complicated settings and four separate areas or gardens, they can accommodate several small weddings or only one if the couple want to be included in the whole place. The place started out as a garden site, but now there is a small Catholic chapel inside.
  • Royale Pavilion. Located near Fernwood Gardens, Pavilion Royale is not just an outdoor venue. The overall theme of the site is completely different from other outdoor venues. Three different-sized pavilions, which are surrounded by beautiful gardens and is involved in the couples can choose according to the size of the wedding party.
  • Blue Gardens. Originally Commonwealth is a vast residence in a strange place Blue Gardens Avenue. The location is perfect for those who are all alone in the garden for a wedding venue, arbitrary and easily guests to the basketball court-sized garden.
  • Plaza Ibarra. Behind the Ibarra-chain sites, this venue is a Mediterranean-style garden setting. It features indoor and outdoor locations, and is the only venue garden also features a spiral staircase, making it perfect for all your wedding photos. If you can not decide the ballroom or the garden, Plaza Ibarra perfect compromise.
  • Solea Garden. If you want a Balinese-style garden, and Solea Garden San Francisco Del Monte is a good choice for you. This venue can accommodate up to 500 guests and can only accept a wedding day, provided that the exclusive use of the venue for the wedding day. It also has an air-conditioned room, which before and during the wedding preparations can be used.

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