Warning Signs in Farming

The extent and popularity of farming can be considered safe, but that is not the case. In fact, farming is a rather dangerous occupation, which causes nearly 19% of fatalities per year in the nation, although only 1.8% of the population deals with such activities. The most common types of agricultural accidents or accidents are related to used machines and vehicles; decreases from height; handling of dangerous substances and interaction with animals

However, of course, it is possible to minimize the chance of such injuries and accidents around the farm, with proper equipment warning signs installed at appropriate locations. This allows us to significantly reduce the risk of ourselves, our staff and the general public.

Interaction with Animals

Animals are an integral part of the economy and are safely treated as the most important. Most injuries to animals from animals occur during or during treatment. Suitable marks in the right places can inform you, your family members or the public about the presence of nearby animals in advance.

People can then look up and take the necessary precautions to prevent the bull being suddenly angry. Typical warning signs used in farming include the elimination of animals; WARNING: Agricultural animals; Beware of bull or DANGER: Dogs (if you have dogs around your farm) Farming Machinery

Advanced farming depends on a variety of machines, large-scale farms. The tractor, baler, combine harvester, mower, sowing machine, seed drill, sprayer, etc. They are all useful tools without which the agricultural work would be severely hampered.

However, the widespread use of such machines is extremely dangerous and instantaneous interference may prove fatal. Often, people moving around the farm do not know the presence of such dangerous machines and the path to injury.

In places where machines are being used or held, there are signs of reducing such injuries in the economy. Typical operating warnings of the machine: WARNING: Agricultural machines working in this area, SLOW: agricultural machines and WARNING: agricultural machines and family members are daily dangerous chemicals. As part of your regular work with disinfectants, chemical fertilizers such as ammonium nitrate, veterinary medicines, pesticides, detergents, etc. It will touch me.

Indication of the appropriate signs may alert humans to the presence of such hazardous chemicals and provide the necessary precautions. Characteristic: DANGER: DANGEROUS CHEMICAL; WARNING: ONLY CHEMICAL STORAGE: There is no food or drink in the appliance; WARNING PESTICIDES; Fire may cause toxic fumes, WARNING: HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES STORAGE AREA, WARNING: HAZARDOUS WASTES, etc.

General Signs

Farms are fairly extensive and some have important paths through them. In such cases, there will be many uncontrolled movements around the farm, which can be dangerous for both agricultural workers and the general public. Appropriate Warning Signs for such situations are DRIVE SLOWLY FARMYARD; FARM AHEAD; PRIVATE FARM OFF; DEFINED FARM ENTRANCE etc.

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